Designed for outdoor use in fire pits and chimenas, our infused Citronella scented kiln dried logs are perfect to aid in repelling unwanted midges


Our top secret oil infusion method, along with our premium kiln dried logs offer the perfect blend in scented logs. Oak View Logs are trusted providers of premium quality kiln dried hard wood. Logs are cut to an average  size of 8" / 200mm, ideal for home burning outdoors.


How to use Citronella Infused Scented Logs


We recommend using the Citronella logs outdoors only when using a fire pit or chimenea.


For best results

Place 1-2 logs around the area where your fire is burning, as close to the fire (but not in the fire or near a flame) as possible. The heat from the fire will help to stimulate the scent, aiding in repelling mosquito's and unwanted midges. The logs can be added to the fire at any time. Once the log burns the scent will disperse.  

This is a natural product, and environmental reactions will occur. Once the log is in contact with open air (the lid has been removed) the scent will gradually begin to diminish. 



  • Store out of direct sunlight.

  • Replace lid after removing required logs, this will aid with longevity of scent.

  • Avoid any moisture coming into contact with the logs.

  • We recommend to use within 3 months. 

  • Are lids are sealed tight to aid with scenting - this can make them tricky to remove. Wear gloves if required.

Citronella Infused Scented Logs Handling & Safety


These scented logs are infused with pure Citronella essential oil. Due to the chemical make up and volatile nature of some essential oils, we recommend following the below handling and  safety advice.

  • Wash hands after handling scented logs or where gloves if you feel necessary. Citronella is a powerful, natural scent that can still be present on your hands even after washing, and on clothing fibres.

  • Do not ingest. Do not use logs if cooking food on fire.

  • Keep away from children and pets.

  • If a skin irritation occurs wash affected area with soap and running water, if irritation persists seek medical advice.

  • If oil residue makes contact with eyes irrigate the eyes with copious volumes of water for at least 15 minutes with the eye lids held open. Seek medical advice if inflammation occurs.

Citronella infused scented kiln dried logs

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