About us and our wood

Top Log are trusted nationwide providers of premium quality kiln dried wood.

Our ethos is simple - Premium wood with quality service at reasonable prices

We produce a bespoke blend exclusively of hardwood including Oak, Ash, Birch and Sycamore. These are cut to an approximate size of      8" / 200mm, ideal for home burning. All our wood comes from sustainably managed woodland where conservation and regrowth is adhered to. Our aim is that our wood is supplied from with a 5 mile radius of our farm and once it reaches the farm we cut it and dry it in our wood fired kiln driers. 

What does Kiln Dried mean? 

By drying the wood in a kiln it makes the wood very dry, removing moisture so each log only holds around 20% or less. By the wood having a lower moisture content you will ensure a more efficient burn with less smoke.

We Care

We care about our environment and will only source wood from sustainably managed woodlands. 

Oak View Farm TA Top Log, 

Park Lane, Astely, Warwickshire CV10 7QB

Tel: 07758 128031


Top Log is a sister branch of Oak View Logs

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